About Cordaix

Company Objectives

Cordaix Consulting is a technology company with many years experience working on computers, networks, software, and much more.

The core of Cordaix’s business is to provide small to medium size companies the same professional and reliable on-site computer service that large corporations with their own IT staff enjoy. We offer a broad range of services and support so you don't have to worry about your infrastructure, keeping you focused on your business needs.

We will provide assistance with migrating software and settings to a new PC. We will also troubleshoot any problems that may occur in the day-to-day usage of your existing computers.

Whether you need hardware or software upgrades, Unix/Windows XP/VISTA/7 server administration, remote help services (via phone/email/remote session), or help in designing your network, Cordaix Consulting will assist you.

We keep a small client list so that we are always able to quickly respond to emergency situations .

Our technicians hold several certifications ranging from general electronics to PC hardware, software and networking.